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Fresh Cuts, the way you like them. 


  1. Ground Pork
    Great for tacos, lasagna, stuffed peppers
  2. Cubes
    $ 2.79 or $2.29
    Great for Kebobs and stews
  3. Steak (cutlet)
    Boneless Ham Great for breaded cutlets or seared
  4. Spare Ribs
    Can be cut in singles, twos, cubes Great for grilling or stews
  5. St. Louis Style Ribs
    $ 3.29
    Rib without the back bone, easier for grilling
  6. Baby Back Ribs
    $ 3.29
    Comes from the loin Meaty Ribs, great for grilling
  7. Rib Belly
    $ 3.29 or $ 2.89
    Fatty Cut from the belly with lots a juicy flavor Grill, oven, slow cooker,
  8. Pork (picnic) Shoulder
    $ 1.59
    Front Shoulder, Bone in and skin on Lean Cut with more connective tissue (avg. 10-12lbs)
  9. Fresh Ham
    $ 1.19
    Bone in, skin on Back Leg (Avg. 20-24lbs)
  10. Boneless Ham Roast
    $ 2.59
    Fresh ham, de boned and skinless
  11. Boneless Pork Loin
    $ 1.99
    Can be used for a roast or cut into chops
  12. Stuffed and Wrapped Pork Roast
    $ 4.99
    Stuffed with Sausage and wrapped in mouth watering bacon
  13. Country- Style Ribs
    $ 2.29
    Cut from the sirloin or rib end of the pork loin
  1. Bone-in Pork Loin
    $ 1.69
    This element represents the description field.
  2. Center- Cut Chops
    $ 2.19
    Lean Chops from the loin
  3. End-Cut Chops
    $ 1.99
    Fatty Chops from the loin
  4. Pig Feet
    $ 1.99 or $ 1.69
    This element represents the description field.
  5. Neck bones
    $ 1.19
    great for soups, gravy, stew
  6. Boneless Butts
    $ 2.49 or $1.79
    From the shoulder/ neck area, great marbling for tenderness Great for pulled pork
  7. Bone-in Butt
    $ 1.99
    Shoulder/Neck with Bone, bone adds more flavor Used for pulled pork
  8. Smoked Bacon
    $4.99 or $4.29
    Leidy's Famous Bacon The Best Around
  9. Italian Sausage
    $ 2.99 or $ 2.49
    Made here Sweet or Hot
  10. Pork Breakfast Links
    $ 2.99
    1 oz or 2 oz portion

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

We do offer cases for all most products 
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