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Trust your Butcher, we won't Steer you wrong.
  1. Top Round
    $ 4.29 or $ 3.89
    Cut from Back Leg London Broil, Stir Fry, Pepper Steak
  2. Eye Round
    $ 4.59
    Back leg, very lean cut, can be tough if not marinated
  3. Cube
    $ 4.99 or $ 4.69
    Cut from Eye Round Great for steak and eggs Quick dinner
  4. Bone-in Chuck
    $ 3.99 or $ 3.49
    Side, large cut
  5. Boneless Chuck
    $ 4.99 or $ 4.69
    Great Marbling Tender and Juicy
  6. Butter
    $ 4.89 or $ 4.49
    Muscle, TLC
  7. Flat Iron
    Great marbling, cut from the Clod Cook to no more than medium doneness
  8. Flank
    $ 7.99
    Thin, and lean cut. Great for marinating. Should be cut against the grain when serving.
  9. Skirt
    Skirt steak is a cut of beef steak from the plate. It is long, flat, and prized for its flavor rather than tenderness.
  10. Hanger
    $ 7.99
    Cut from the area between the diaphragm and the rib Lots of flavor, rare cut
  11. T-Bone
    $ 7.99
    Cut from the Short Loin
  12. Porterhouse
    Cut from the Loin, T-bone with Filet attached
  13. Bone-in Ribeye
    Mouth Watering, great marbling, Tender
  14. Boneless Ribeye
    $ 10.99
    Cut from the Rib portion Extra Tender, great marbling
  15. Filet Mignon
    $ 13.99
    Cut from the tenderloin Lean Cut, Tender, Flavorful
  16. Sirloin
    $ 5.99
    Back portion of the cow Lean cut, large portion
  17. Sirloin Tip
    $ 5.99
    Cut from the bottom sirloin Triangular shape
  18. NY Strip
    Loin cut Lean, flavorful
  19. Denver Cut Steak
    Cut from underneath the blades of the short ribs Great marbling
  20. Cowboy or Tomhawk
    Cut from the Rib Has a long bone attached
  21. Price
  1. Top Round
    $ 3.79
    Back leg, can be used as a roast or london broil
  2. Bottom or Rump
    $ 3.79
    Great for Kebobs and stews
  3. Eye Round
    Lean Cut, great for Cube Steak
  4. Bolar
    $ 3.99
    Lean Cut from Shoulder Clod, muscle in center
  5. Bone-in Chuck
    This element represents the description field.
  6. Boneless Chuck
  7. Knuckle
    (vac. pack) (avg. 10-12lbs)
  8. Prime Rib
  9. Boneless Rib Roast
  10. Whole Filet Roast
    (Avg. 5-7lbs)
  11. Stuffed and Wrapped Eye Roast
    Stuffed with crab and wrapped in bacon

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Great for Grilling
Quick Cooking Time
Marinate & Grill

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Why does the color of beef change?

If there are no preservations or added Carbon Monoxide the color will change naturally. 

Other Cuts
  1. Ground Beef
    $2.69 or $2.40
    Great for tacos, lasagna, stuffed peppers
  2. Small Cubes for stew
  3. Short Ribs
    $ 4.99 or $4.79
    This element represents the description field.
  4. Cubes
    $3.99 or $3.49
  5. Shins
    $3.99 or $ 3.69
    Leg, lean Great for stews and slow cookers
  6. Beef with bone
    Mixed cut of ribs and necks Meaty pieces with bone
  7. Knuckle Bones
    Great for broth or stews
  8. Marrow Bones
    Great for broths
  9. Elephant Ear
  10. Cross- Cut Ribs
    Great for grilling

Where does it come from?

We slaughter at our own facility and purchase directly, to ensure freshness.

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