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Our Story

How we started out  

Since being founded in the 50's, Marcacci Meats has become an important part of the Vineland community, supplying amazing quality food products at an exceptionally low price. There’s no wonder why we’re considered the most reliable Markets around. We’re committed to serving all of our customers with the utmost care and respect, as they deserve the best.

Learn all about Marcacci Meats and what we offer here, or better yet stop by the store to see what the buzz around us is all about.

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Most Trusted Butcher in the Area
We have our own hanging beef, lamb and goat facility to ensure our customers enjoy the freshest meat selection. Our customers have been bragging about our selection and prices for years, and thanks to their loyalty, we were able to relocate to a larger location and provide more for our customers.

 We are very appreciative of our many returning and regular customers who have helped us grow exponentially. As such, every decision we make is with our customers in mind.

Come to Marcacci Meats and Experience the Difference
Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff Members 
In addition to the finest and freshest meats, deli and produce, we also have the most knowledgeable staff. Whether you’re shopping for some cold cuts for a family gathering or a whole pig for a roast, our friendly staff is ready to help make your shopping experience easier, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Meet our Family

Family Owned and Operated

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